What is "Permanent Jewelry"?

We custom measure a chain to your wrist, ankle, neck, or finger. We then use a
welder for an easy, painless process. Instead of using a clasp, we use a jumpring
to connect and weld the two ends of the chain. However, a clasp can be added if
the client wishes.

Does it hurt?

No, during this process the customer won’t feel a thing while we weld. The
welding pen we use only reacts to metal and should it come into contact with the
skin, the pen will not generate a spark. We also use a protective screen and
leather pad for extra protection for both our welders and our customers.

How long does it take?

Once you pick your jewelry, the appointment takes about 10-15 minutes. This will allow us to custom fit your jewelry, weld, and make sure the customer is satisfied.

What material are your chains?

Our chains are enamel, 14k gold filled, or 0.925 sterling silver

What are your prices?

We ask that you kindly contact us for our pricing. We are most active on instagram @eastendcuratedcouture and email eastendcuratedcouture@qmail.com. There is a forum under “contact us” on our website as well.

What if I need to remove the bracelet?
We recommend that if you have to remove the jewelry, you cut it at the jump ring and save the chain. This way it can be re-welded in the future if you so wish. A nail clipper or sharp scissors should do the trick, do so with care and safety in mind. We can re-weld in the future or another permanent jewelry store may be able to as well.
What if I need an XRAY or MRI?

Ask your provider if you need to remove your permanent jewelry during the appointment. Many of our customers have not been required to remove, but it is up to the discretion of your provider.

What about going through the TSA at the airport?

Permanent jewelry is completely fine to go through TSA at airports, you should never have an issue with this. 

Why should I have permanent jewelry at my next event?

Permanent jewelry is a fun and trendy way to create lasting memories for you and your guests. Men, women, and children alike can get permanent jewelry. You get a unique experience from your party while taking home lavish custom jewelry that you designed and get to show off!

What kind of events do you do?

We are available to book at festivals, fairs, pop-ups, wineries, and private events. Please use the forum under “contact us” to book or email us at eastendcuratedcouture@gmail.com for inquiries. We are based out of Mattituck, LI, NY. 

Do you have a permanent location?

We do not currently have a permanent location, but we would be happy to come to you! Please use the forum under “contact us” to book or email us at eastendcuratedcouture@gmail.com for inquiries. We are based out of Mattituck, LI, NY. 

What qualifies as a private event?

Any private event requires a minimum of 5 committed people. Examples include bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and more. It can even be as simple as a friends get-together.

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